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 Albuhera Barracks
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2 QUEEN'S 1971-1975 (1)
1 QUEEN'S 1975-1980 (2)
1 BW Apr 1980-Feb 1985 (3)
1 R SCOTS Apr 1985-Aug 1991 (4)
Closed 20 July 1994 
(1) The Battalion carried out three tours of Northern Ireland from here.
(2) The Battalion carried out two tours of Northern Ireland from here.
(3) These dates were supplied by the Archivist of the Black Watch. During December 1982 and June 1983 the Regiment carried out a 6 month operational tour of west Belfast. 
(4) The Regiment carried out a tour of West Belfast from December 1987 to March 1988, and deployed to the 1st Gulf War, December 1990 to May 1991. Details kindly supplied by the Regimental Secretary of The Royal Scots, Colonel R.P. Mason.
The barracks were originally built for the Canadians who named these barracks Fort St Lewis and Fort Anne. When the British took in 1970/71  the  full barracks were then retitled Albuhera Barracks.
All photographs courtesy of Canadian Ruhr Memories 
St Mathews Kirk, 1st Bn The Royal Scots
Werl Golf Club