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229 Signals Squadron (Berlin) Royal Signals
Photograph courtesy of Brian Thomas
This Squadron has an odd characteristic in that it, technically, served two distinct tours in Berlin as 229 Squadron - possibly without some personnel ever leaving the City.
229 Squadron, and its forebears, have a long history that is covered on other sites, and in at least two links on this site. To cut it short, without insult to any past members who may visit us, an attempt to explain is below.
Berlin Signal Squadron re-named 229 Signal Squadron (Berlin Infantry Brigade) in September 1959. (Start of first tour)
229 Signal Squadron is mentioned as receiving the "Freedom of Wilmersdorf" in 1986.
229 Signal Squadron renamed 29 Berlin HQ & Signal Regiment in January 1988 (End of first tour)
29 Berlin HQ & Signal Regiment reduced to Squadron strength and renamed - 229 Signal Squadron (Berlin) (start of second tour, without the unit leaving the City of Berlin).
229 Squadron moved to 7 Signal Regiment (stationed at that time in Krefeld) September 1994 (end of 2nd tour of Berlin).
The above is purely conjecture and is open to correction or similarities.