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15 (Advanced) Base Ordnance Depot
15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot (15 ABOD) moved  from Antwerp to Germany at the end of 1945, with its stores, military personnel and a few Belgian civilions. At the end of 1946, it was re-named 15 Base Ordnance Depot and at the end of 1946, was once again 15 ABOD 
The locations of the varius components of 15 ABOD (as at January 1952) were;
HQ 15 ABOD  was located in a factory site previosly operated by 'Krupp's' as a crankshaft manufacturing works at Glinde nr Hamberg.
1 Mechanical Transport Sub-Depot were located in an ex Wehrmacht Stores Depot also at Glinde, approximatly a mile from HQ. Some store sheds had been bombed by the RAF in October 1944 and were re-built by the Royal Engineers and some were converted into offices and accomidation for military personnel.
2 General Stores and Clothing Sub-Depot were accommidated in two locations nier to Hannover. HQ & Group IV (General Stores) in the surface buildings of a disused salt mine, used by the Wehrmacht as an ammunition depot. Group III (Clothing) being located on the site of the another Wehrmacht ammunition depot, built in 1938 and captured intact.
3 Technical Stores Sub-Depot also operated out of  the 'Krupp's' works at Glinde
(4 Sub-Depot)  renamed General Stores and Clothing Returned Stores Group (RSSG) operated out of a Wehrmacht clothing factory at Vinnhorst nr Hannover and used captured machines to repair and referbish clothing, and a  RAOC Field Laundry unit was used to clean items for storage & issue.
5 (Defence Stores) Sub-Depot was also located somewhere in the Hannover area
6 Sub-Depot (Tech & Clothing) was located at Muenchen-Gladbach and Vierson
Mike Comerford