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York Barracks 
Built -
Type - Luftwaffe
Original name -
History -
This barracks is situated in the Gremmendorf district of town.
Home to:
20 Armd Bde Dec 1951-?
6 Inf Brigade, 2 Div ?-1968
4 (Gds) Armd Bde, 6 Div 1968-?
HQ 4 Mech Bde  1981-1993 (1)
HQ Signals
4 Sig Sqn , 6 Armd Div Sig Regt (on behalf of 20 Armd Bde) (?-1954-?)
206 Sig Sqn, 6th Inf/Armd Bde (4)
6 Inf Bde HQ & Sig Sqn
 4 Gds Armd Bde & Sig Sqn
5 DG 1946-Nov 1948 (6)
17/21 L 1951-1960
QOH 1960-1962
4/7 DG Aug 1962 -Sep 1965 (5)
10 H 1965-1969
3 DG 1969- 1970 (2)
5 DG 1968-1974 (7)
4 RTR 1974-1982
QRIH 1982-1988
14/20 H Mar 1988-1992 (3)
KRH Dec 1992-2000
RDG 2001-2008
 1 CS Med Regt
Sub Units
SIB (a unit accommodated here for last few months of 1954)
43 Sy (mid 1980's - present?)
101 RMP Det circa 1963
MSO Det circa 1963
Medical and Dental Centres
   Families NAAFI
(1) In 1948 4th Armoured Brigade was disbanded but was reformed in 1981 in Münster. It moved to Quebec Barracks, Osnabrück in 1993.
(2) The 3rd Carabiniers left for Harewood Barracks, Herford. The departed by road with all the vehicles they possessed including, Saladins, Saracens and Ferets.
(3) The Royal Hussars and 14th/20th King's Hussars amalgamated on 4 December 1992. They went on to become The King's Royal Hussars.  
(4) With the integration of Headquarters and Signal units in 1964, the Squadron was redesigned 6 Infantry Brigade Headquarter and Signal Squadron and assumed the additional responsibility for administration of the Brigade Headquarters.
(5) Dates confirmed by RDG Museum.
(6) Details supplied by RDG Museum.
(7) RDG Museum gives dates as June 1970 to November 1973. It is possible that they moved here from Herford.

In Jan 68, I was posted to 4 Gds Bde HQ & Sig Sqn. They were at that time in Iserlohn but in Feb of that year, we moved to York Barracks in Munster. To the best of my knowledge, they stayed there until the early 90s. AT the time there was also a regiment of Dragoon Gds in the barracks,the name escapes me but they were replaced by the Enniskillin Dragoon Gds.
Don Murray .

I believe HQ 4 Guards Bde moved there from the Düsseldorf area in the mid 60s, then retitled HQ 4 Mechanised Brigade moved to Osnabruck in 1993. The Armoured Recce Regiments during my time in Münster were: 1969, 10th Hussars immediately prior to amalgamation with the 11th Hussars to form the Royal Hussars. 1970, 3rd Carabiniers immediately prior to amalgamation with the Scots Greys to form the Scots Dragoon Guards. They were replaced in late 70 by the 5th Dragoon Guards as stated in the Armoured(Tank) role.
In the summer of 1976 The Royal Tank Regiment held a "roll call" in Münster Garrison. The roll call was held in both Swinton & York Bks. The main "all ranks" do was I'm sure held in York barracks. This event which incorporated numerous inter regiment sporting contests plus important social events including an RTR Association Weekend was held to celebrate the fact that for the first time since the end of WW II all 4 RTR regiments were based in Germany at the same time. Munster was chosen as the venue because both 2 RTR ( Swinton Bks) & 4 RTR ( York Bks) were based in the city. Timing was vital as 1 RTR had only recently arrived in Herford from Tidworth and 3 RTR were soon to depart Fallingbostel for Tidworth. As a newly promoted L/Cpl the event was for me a disappointment due to the fact that I spent the entire time in charge of a fatigue party.