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Winterbourne Barracks
The barracks closed 31 January 1995.
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33 Ordnance Company ROAC
 Stores Depot, RAOC
Sup Depot RAOC
The following picture is courtesy of Konversionsflächen in NRW.
 The buildings to the right were the MQ's, with the cutting being the main railway line between Münster and ?. A train passed on average once every three minutes. After the wife had left you because of the stress of living here, you could still not find any solace as the singlies block was exactly the same distance in the opposite direction of the tracks. 
33 ORD COY was in co hab with Supply Depot Münster in Winterboune Barracks. It was a old resupply SS place, Mills etc, mainly used by trains during war so we had to have steps built to get into the converted mills. Note this was not a nice camp and the living in place for soldiers was terrible.