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Wentworth Barracks

Original Name - Stobbe Kaserne
Home to:
1st UK Armoured Division 1993-pres*
*On leaving Caithness Barracks, Verden.

For an in depth history of the camp please click here.
This is a view of the Guard Room at Wentworth Barracks, looking down the main drag, circa. 1937. Blocks A-E can be seen on the left, whilst Block F  is on the right.  After the war, F block was used as a  school. A Block housed the Teachers, Civilian staff from The Red Shield etc. (mostly females). B Block, first two floors were 4 Div Pro coy offices, cookhouse, armory, etc on the ground floor. Living accommodation,  cpls and sgts messes were on the second floor. Third floor was occupied by the MSO as their living accomodation. C Block Contained the post office and the civilian labour office. I can't remember what else was in this block, but I think there was an RAOB meeting room. D&E Blocks were HQ 4 DIV. There was also a SKC cinema on the right as you look at the photo.

  Courtesy of Mr Graham Booth and Mr David Wood.


Courtesy of Mr David Wood, RMP.


I dont know about f block being haunted but I was stationed at Wentworth Barracks 1969/72, with 4 div Pro Unit which occupied B block.
I was on nights in the duty room. Early morning, weather calm and warm. One of the lads came in a bit worse the wear for Herforder and went upstairs to his room. After a while i heard the sound of a window banging. It being a calm night I thought that the lad who had just come in was playing up. I checked him and he was in bed fast asleep. a walk round the outside of the block, No windows flapping in the non existant wind. The sound stopped and a short time later I heard what seemed to be someone with a wooden leg!! walking along the corridor dragging something. I was sure this was a wind up and shot upstairs to the accommodation corridor. No one there and no sound. The hairs were really prickling by this time
It only happened the once and I think i was long enough in service not to have been set-up.

On another Occasion I was asleep in my room. early hours again when my room door burst open and two friends on mine ran in, both white as a sheet. They were from hammersmith Bks and had come over to see if the mess was open.

The story goes that finding the mess shut, they heard someone playing snooker in the snooker room. On looking in, the balls were moving, but the room was empty. They were adamant and refused to go back to hammersmith till daylight.



To see pictures taken of Wentworth/Hammersmith Barracks by ex RMP Mr Don Hulme (during a July 2007 visit), who has kindly contributed them to the Redcap website, please click here.