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 Walsrode Ammo Depot

The munitions depot was taken at the end of the war and then gradually handed back to the Bundeswehr, with a small RAOC/RLC troop being stationed in one corner using some of the ammo sheds. The Germans made very good use of camouflage and would plant trees on the explosive store sheds and built the admin buildings to look like a village. I was told that the site (known as Beetenbrück ) was never bombed and was only discovered after the end of the war, due to a passing British jeep being flagged down and the keys being handed over by the occupants. The factory in Bomlitz (which is still running, and now called Wolff) that supplied the munitions was also never bombed, due to it not being discovered until Apr 1944. There were some 700 Polish forced labour workers in the Eibia forest near Wolff, working in underground and surface bunkers, producing the explosives for the whole German Army.
Sadly I do not have any photos