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Trenchard Barracks

Built - 1935-1937
Type -
Original Name - Von-Seeckt-Kaserne
History -  The was camp taken over by German troops on 10 October 1937 and was used between 1937 and 1945 as the gas training school and rocket artillery (used first as smoke and gas, then changed to explosive shells), known as; Nebel Truppe.
Home to -
1st Bn Royal Anglian Regt  Dec 1956-1958
 1st Bn The Gordon Highlanders 1958-1961
1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers Nov 1961-Nov 1965
1st Bn Royal Anglian Regt 1965-1968
1st Bn Royal Green Jackets 1968-1973
1st Bn Prince of Wales Own Regt 1973-1979
1st Bn Royal Anglian Regt 1978-1982
3rd Bn Royal Green Jackets 1982-1987
2nd Bn Royal Anglian Regt 1987-1996
2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1996-2001
1st 2Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 2001-Aug 2007 (1)
2nd Bn Royal Anglian Regt  2007-current (2)
Sub Units
1 Sqn 14 Sig Regt (EW) 1982-1984
(1) Replacing 2 RTR at Lumsden Barracks, Fallingbostel.
(2) Arriving from Tern Hill Barracks, Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Named after former soldier and later Marshal of the Royal Air Force Hugh Montague Trenchard, 1st Viscount Trenchard GCB OM GCVO DSO.


"Trenchard Barracks was accommodation to a Royal Signals Electronic Warfare Regiment between 1982 and 1984; 1 Squadron of 14 Signal Regiment (EW) who then moved to Taunton Bks. During my time there we still had WW2 Nazi furniture in the rooms marked with eagles and swastikas".


 1 PWO were in Celle, Trenchard Barracks, in 1976 which is when I got posted there to the LAD, as part of 7 Armd Bde of 1 Armd Div. Typical of an infantry battalion of the time they were mechanised in FV432's (all Mk 2 and 2/1), which at this time still had an amphibious capability, that was rescinded in 1977 or 78. Up to about 1977 they, and other similar battalions, had the FV438 Swingfire on their establishment before they were absorbed into the RA. In October 1976 they had finished trialling the 30mm Rarden turrets, one of my fist tasks being to assist the unit armourers in removing all 13 of them. Incidentally these turrets ended up in Berlin, which was when I next encountered them in 1983 with 2 R IRISH in Wavell Bks, and by strange coincidence 1 PWO came to the adjacent Brooke Bks in 1983. Their roulement tour of Celle ended in 1978 and they were replaced by 1 R ANGLIAN so I'm guessing that they were in Celle for three years commencing 1975. They went to Bulford from there, joining the AMF(L).