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Trauen Camp
Many a unit in B.A.O.R. had the dubious pleasure of a stay in Trauen Camp, either as part of an exercise or loading/unloading vehicles. Cold blocks (even in the best of weather) with a trek to the shower blocks that had copious amounts of cold water.
How many of us can remember sleeping in the luggage racks of the train on the way to, or from, Trauen Camp.
The Command Post Crew of 203 Med Bty RA, part of 101 Med Regt RA, at Trauen Camp near Munsterlager
June 1967. Morris Felton is on the right of the line.
101 Med Regt RA was and still is TA. In those days it was equipped with 5.5" towed guns (as was the Regular Army). I first put on the Queen's uniform in '66 in the TA and went Regular in '74.
Photograph and text courtesy of Morris Felton