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Stadium Barracks

Home to the Berlin Brigade HQ and was situated in the Olympic Stadium grounds. These barracks had approximately 14 bars on camp (including officers and sergeants messes) and a restaurant ran by the Naafi called the Somerset Arms. I could have done a tour here with a bit of persuasion.
Home to:
Berlin Brigade HQ and 229 Sig Sqn
BRIXMIS 1946-1991 (1)
955 Car Coy RASC 1947
2 Regt RMP
3 Int & Sy Coy Int Corps (2)
(1) BRIXMIS were a one off unit (the Sov's had SOXMIS, the Americans USMLM and the French FMLM). They were the "liaison" mission to the Soviet Forces. BRIXMIS were in the Olympic Stadium Barracks but, were a stand alone unit, not part of Berlin Infantry Brigade.
(2) Forming part of Int & Sy Gp Germany / later 1 MI Battalion.
The Olympischer Stadion during the Nazi era.
An amazing site. The Olympischer Stadion aerial view.
Ex 22205445 Trooper Pat Howlett. "A" Squadron RHG 1950-54.
Olympischer Stadion Swimmhalle.
Ex 22205445 Trooper Pat Howlett. "A" Squadron RHG 1950-54.
 I served and lived in the Stadium from August 1962 to February 1965. I served with Allied Staff Berlin, a tripartite planning headquarters for the British, French and American sectors. Allied Staff Berlin consisted of about 50 officers and men from the three nations and was located on the top floor of the rear wing of the main building; access being gained through the British Military Government. At the rear of this building was the Sergeants Mess, and at the ends of the two main wings of the stadium were two swimming pools - one was retained and used by British forces, whilst the other was used as a covered vehicle park for staff cars and other administrative vehicles. There was a further wing to right of the main building which housed the Brigade administrative staff, the Signal Squadron, and the RMP company. BSSO had its offices just outside the main stadium perimeter.
T Ford
Berlin Olympic Stadium. Bolton Wanderers versus German XI - 1952/3.
A/C Ray (Bomber) Wells
1955 - 1st Bn A & S Highlanders who were based at Montgomery Barracks at the time provide the guard of honour for a visiting American general.
The men again wearing their famous Sutherland tartan, which was in fact the same as the Black Watch in a slightly lighter shade. A guide to the Scottish regimental tartans can be found by clicking here.
 Berlin 1971, taken by a member of 1 RTR during his tour of duty.
Courtesy of the Official 1 RTR Reunion Website.
1971 - C Company of the 1st Bn The Duke of Edingburgh's Royal Regiment on parade at the Berlin Infantry Brigade HQ.
Courtesy of Mr Patrick Webb
The following pictures are courtesy of The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
The photos below were supplied by the owner of the website of The 14th/20th Kings Hussars and its subscribers.
Tank Gate
These pictures (below) were taken during the Queens Birthday Parade held on the Maifeld in Berlin during 1988 with the Queen herself in attendance to take the Parade. As well as the 14th/20th Kings Hussars the Black Watch and other units participated.
 Courtesy of Mr David Fill
Courtesy of Mr David Fill
Courtesy of Mr David Fill