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Smuts Barracks

Smuts Barracks, named after Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts, OM, CH, PC, ED, KC, FRS, was situated on Wilhelmstraße, a street in the Spandau district of Berlin, was where the British armoured contingent was based. The squadron consisted of 18 modified Chieftain tanks, painted in their renown urban cam, and were at a constant state of readiness. This "bombed up" state, ensured a speedy counter attack should the Soviets breach the wall.
The last unit/squadron to be based here was C Squadron, The 14th/20th King Husars (1989-1993).
During the Nazi period, this barracks was home to a SS Panzer Unit, although I cannot specify which one.
The squadron bar was known as the "Lion and Bear".
 Between 1948 and 1952, the armoured squadron was provided from regiments in Germany:
Feb 1948 Sqn, 11 Hussars [armoured cars]
May 1949 'A' Sqn, Royal Dragoons [armoured cars]
Mar 1950 'A' Sqn, Royal Horse Guards [armoured cars]
Feb 1951 Sqn, 3rd Hussars

In Feb 1952 a permanent unit was formed, designated 1st Independent Sqn Royal Tank Regt. It was disbanded Dec 1957.

Between Dec 1957 and Aug 1962, the squadron came from the APC regiment in BAOR:

Dec 1957 'B' Sqn, l4lh/20th Hussars
Nov 1960 'C' Sqn, 4th Royal Tank Regt

Another permanent unit was established in Mar 1963, designated Independent Sqn Royal Tank Regt; it was disbanded Nov 1965.

After that date, the squadron normally came from the training regiment at Catterick.:
Feb 1965 Sqn, Queens Own Hussars
Feb 1967 A Sqn, 1st Royal Tank Regt
Jan 1969 Sqn, 9th/l2th Lancers
Dec 1970 Sqn, 1st Queen's DG
Dec 1972 'A' Sqn, 4th Royal Tank Regt
Dec 1974 'B' Sqn, 5th Royal Inniskilling DG
Dec 1976 'B' Sqn, Royal Scots DG
Apr 1979 'D' Sqn, Royal Hussars
Feb 1981 'D' Sqn, 4th/7th DG
Apr 1983 'D' Sqn, Queens Own Hussars
May 1985 'B' Sqn, 14th/20th Hussars
From 1985, the squadron came from the 14th/20th Hussars who were based at Münster:
Jan 1988 'C' Sqn took over. This was only a change in name and not in personnel (1). The squadron was withdrawn in 1991.  
Also based here were 38 (Berlin) Field Squadron RE. 38 Field Company was stationed in West Germany as part of 23 Field Engineer Regiment when in 1957 it was amalgamated with the RE Troops Berlin to become 38 (Berlin) Field Squadron Royal Engineers. The Squadron remained in Berlin providing engineer support to the Berlin Brigade until 1994 when it was disbanded as part of options for change.
(1) 14/20H were leaving Catterick for Münster, so the Berlin sqn was not given priority.
Smuts Barracks (above and below), taken during 1 RTR's tour of duty between Feb 67 and Jan 69.
Smuts Bks was also the home of the Sapper Berlin Field Squadron (38 Fd Sqn RE). I visited as a young Tp Comd in 1990 to build the stage for that year's "Berlin Bandanza", which was a scaled down version of the Berlin Tattoo. Sqn was a small one, with a Fd Tp, Sp Tp and SHQ. Each year an Engr Tp from BAOR West Germany would releive the Berlin Sqn's Fd Tp in order to allow them to conduct 3 week's combat engineer training in West German.
The photos below were supplied by the owner of the website of The 14th/20th Kings Hussars and its subscribers.
Smuts Barracks 2006.
"Smuts Barracks was situated next door to Spandau Prison, My bunk overlooked into the Prison and I often saw Ruldolf Hess exercise in the yard. Smuts Barracks was the residential home of 38 (BERLIN) Field Squadron RE, this was my last posting 1975 to 1977, the Barracks was also the home of a Cavalry/Tank Squadron on 3 year tours. During my time at Smuts Barracks, I shared the barracks firstly with, The Royal Inniskillen Dragoon Guards, and then finally The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards."
 Ammunition Compound.
Looking toward MT troop hangers and 1st Troop.

The perimeter fence and the only bit of barbed wire left
The Officers' Mess
REME LAD (Hurrah the Corps!)
The Hilton (now Schilton) hotel, used as a singlies block.
A rier view of the block and cook house.
Road leading to the MT Park.
Interior of the Hilton. The white panel to the right is the result of each room being knocked through to enlarge the rooms.
This also meant that every other door would need blocking off.
The Squadron Leader's place of residence.
The Naafi Bar and shop. Now gone as you can see be this image.