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 ASU Ruhleben
The following information and pictures are coutesy of Herr. Reinhard v. Bronewski.

Ruhleben Range Complex and FIBUA training area was used by the British in preparation for the "Battle of Berlin", which would be the initial stage of any physical Cold War. Located in Ruhleben, a sub-district of Charlottenburg, the training area was quite small, consisting of a dozen, one and two story buildings,  located within a one square mile wooded area. It was open to the public who had a close-up view of British troops battling it out with blank ammunition.
During the 1980's the complex renovated and also enlarged. Almost a twin to to the US Doughboy City, trees were removed and the whole area made inaccessible to civilians. The new range included a large number of gray concrete houses of various styles. There was a church, several bridges, super market, car park, and other specialty buildings. The revised Ruhleben Fighting City sat near the original one with an old yellow Berlin U-Bahn coach sat between the two.
On completion, Ruhleben Fighting City was "video controlled" with remote cameras recording the action from building tops. Officers in charge monitored units' "combat actions" which could be taped for after action reviews by participants.
When the Allies left Berlin, the German government took over Ruhleben Fighting City. It's now used by police for realistic training. All of the other British ranges, just like the US ranges, have become history.