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Roberts Barracks

Original Name - Winkelhausen Kaserne from the name of Colonel Winkelhausen who was the Commandant during World War One. For more info see here
It was then named after Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh Roberts.
Home to:
HQ 11 Engineer Group RE 1950-1964 (1)
Roberts Barracks (North)

38 Corps Engineer Regiment RE 1951-1957 (3)

61 Field Squadron – 62 Field Squadron – 63 Field Squadron – 27 Plant Training Troop


35 Corps Engineer Regiment RE 1957-1964 (5)

16 Field Squadron – 30 Field Squadron – 42 Field Squadron

 23 Corps Engineer Regiment RE 1969-1976 (9)


7 Field Squadron to UK Apr 70 still under command to 32 Armd Engr Regt Apr 71

16 Field Squadron – 37 Field Squadron from Apr 71 to Gordon Barracks Hameln Apr 76

43 Field Support Squadron RE 1976-1976 (8)


7th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery 1977-April 1984 (11)

4th Field Regiment RA 1984-2008

Roberts Barracks (South)

37 Army (Corps from 1954) Engineer Regiment RE 1950-1955 (2)

33 Field Squadron 34 Field Squadron 40 Field Squadron

41 Field (Corps from 1954) Park Squadron


36 Corps Engineer Regiment RE 1955-1958 (4)

20 Field Squadron 24 Field Squadron  57 Field Squadron

41 Corps Park Squadron to 40 Advanced Engineers Stores Regiment Kitchener Barracks Willich 1957


25 Corps Engineer (Engineer from Apr 69) Regiment RE 1958-1976 (6)

37 Field Squadron to HQRE 2 Div Feb 68 – 39 Field Squadron to Aden Apr 67 to Oct 67

50 Field Squadron to Aden Aug 64 replaced by 12 Field Squadron Dec 64

43 Field Park (Field Support from Jan 68) Squadron RE 1964-1976 (8)


2 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment RE then 25 Engineer Regiment RE 1976-1992 (10)

12 Field Squadron to 28 Engr Regt Jul 92 – 16 Field Squadron disbanded Aug 92
39 Field Squadron to 23 Engr Regt Jan 83
43 Field Support Squadron RE 1976-1983 (8)
23 Engineer Regiment RE 1983-1984 (11)

HQ Squadron formed 73 Independent Field Squadron Nov 83

25 Field Squadron from 26 Engr Regt

39 Field Squadron from 23 Engr Regt Jan 83 to Quebec Barracks Osnabrück Nov 83

43 Field Support Squadron RE from 25 Engr Regt 1964-1976 (8)
7th Field Ambulance RAMC
2nd Armoured Field Ambulance RAMC circa 1984 (12)
Sub Units

65 Corps Field Park Squadron formed 1953 from 1254 Workshop and Park Squadron to Ravlin Park Hameln 1964

11 Engineer Group Signals renamed 11 Engineer Group HQ and Signal Squadron Sep 59 1950-1964 (1)
The Corps Engineer Regiments had a Royal Signals Rear Link Troop each

66 Company Royal Army Service Corps  ?-1959-?

23 Amphibious River Crossing Cadre renamed 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron Aug 63 1962-1964 (7)

31Armoured Engineer Squadron from 32 Armd Engr Regt 1971-1976 to Munsterlager

1 Armoured Engineer Squadron command 21 Engr Regt 1999-2008 to UK 
Closed 18th December 2008
(1) Formed April 51 command 11 Armd Div until the formation of 1 (BR) Corps to Bindon Barracks Hameln Sep 64
(2) Arrived from Crickhowell Nov 50 to Cyprus less 41 Corps Park Squadron Nov 55
(3) Formed Apr 951 to Christmas Island via UK 1957
(4) Arrived from Ripon Oct 55 Suez operation Aug 56 to Dec 56 to Maidstone Sep 58
(5) Arrived from Ripon Nov 57 to Gordon Barracks Hameln Sep 64
(6) Arrived from Maidstone Sep 58 merged with 23 Engineer Regiment Sep 76
(7) Formed May 62 from 1 Troop 50 Field Squadron to Bindon Barracks Hameln May 64
(8) Arrived from Hameln Oct 64 to 40 Army Engineer Support Regiment renamed 43 Plant Squadron Jun 83
(9) Formed Apr 69 merged with 25 Engineer Regiment Sep 76
(10) Formed Sep 78 from 23 Engineer Regiment and 25 Engineer Regiment renamed 25 Engineer Regiment Jan 81 to Maserene Barracks Antrim NI Aug 92
(11) Formed Jan 83 to Quebec Barracks Osnabrück 1984 7 RHA went to Germany and  taken away from their Parachute roll on being replaced at Roberts Barracks they returned to Aldershot to resume their original airborne duties
(12) 2 Armoured Field Ambulance was an amalgamation of 7 Fd Amb from Roberts Bks and 31 Fd Amb from Munster


The picture above is that of the entrance to what is now Roberts Barracks.The tall blocks seen past the gate are (or were in 1991) 4 Field Regiment RA. Other units in the barracks included 4 Armd Field Amb, and two engineer regiments. The main railhead was located at the West end of the camp and was used for loading and unloading all armoured vehicles in Osnabruck. The West side of the Barracks was designated "Blacker" Barracks and is also where the ASU is.

John Cleese?



In British Hands
Entrance to 40 Field Squadron Royal Engineers block (3rd block back from main gate towards Osnabrück) Sapper Crick, from Desborough, near Kettering.
Courtesy of Tony Burgess
I was with 40 Field Sqn, RE at Osnabruck, from 1951 to 1952, we were the 3rd block back from the main gate towards the tram stop, beside An der Netta Heide. 40 Field was part of 37 AER, and the other side of the main gate was 38 AER. 40 Field arrived from Crickhowell, near Abergaveny sometime in 1950; and left again I believe about 1955. I so far have not found any site devoted to or even mentioning 40 Field or even 37 AER. Roberts Barracks was a great place to be, especially after doing my training in Aldershot. We had some great times bridging at Hameln and weapon training at Sennelager.
Tony Burgess 22414720 RE Life Member Now living in Sydney, Australia.
REME BAOR Cfn Cup 1962 final (above and below). Played at 35 Engr Regt in Osnabrück on their square (in the rain). 16/5 L LAD beat 5 Inf Wksp 3-2 after extra time.
Courtesy of Sgt Ed Cooper, REME
Courtesy of Sgt Ed Cooper, REME
The following four pictures and information are courtesy of Mr Mick Hughes.
Roberts Barracks this time for the formation of 2 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment. The following text has been taken from Gateway No.13 October 1976 - Newspaper for British Soldiers and Families in Osnabrück and District.

The Parade which took place in Roberts Barracks, Osnabrück, marked the end of the short history of 23 Engineer Regiment. It also closed the history of 25 Engineer Regiment which had been in existence since 1950. By the time the Field Squadrons had marched from the square, a new Regimental title had been given to the re-formed Parade; "2 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment."

The Parade and it's ensuing Receptions in the Officers and Warrant Officers' Messes were the only events to mark the change of titles. Five squadrons occupied the square in an impressive parade during which the old Regiments saluted each other by firing a ceremonial volley into the air. After counter-marching through the opposing ranks to arrive, the squadrons left the parade in their correct order of seniority and the new Regimental Flag was raised to a fanfare played by the Band of the Devonshire & Dorset Regiment.

The Review of the Parade was carried out by Major General E M Mackay CBE who is now retiring as Chief Engineer of the British Army of the Rhine and had been in 1962 the second-in-command of 2 Division Engineers.


This eagle was once one of a pair, so I was told by a plucky Irish Military Police Corporal. They used to sit on the gate posts by the RMP Station, but only one now survives, albeit slightly broken.
Just found this site, great place by the way. Yes it was a shame Osnabruck Garrison closing, but I'm proud to say I was one of the last out of Roberts Bks as it was handed over on the 18th Dec 2008. Now back in the UK.
 Courtesy of post on Forum by Rag & Oil


Roberts Barracks through the main gate looking up the main drag with

the LAD at the end of the road. A sad sight all overgrown and uncared for.


Looking left through the main gate at the Regimental square with the cookhouse behind the tree.


Photographs and captions courtesy of recymech


Aerial view of Roberts Barracks courtesy of


I was stationed for five and a half years with 25 Engr Regt RE from 1967 - 1972. My memories of the Roberts Bks were the camp barber who was called 'Scouse', my Sqn which was 39 Fd Sqn RE and the OR's bar called 'The Crowbar'. Also in the barracks were 37 Fd Sqn RE and Postal/Courier RE. There was an Education Centre and the WRVS building. 37 Fd Sqn RE left in 1968/69 and a company from the Devon & Dorsets took over.

7 Fd Amb RAMC occupied a block behind 39 Fd Sqn RE and a Dutch contingent opposite them. The LAD was situated around Times Square. About 1970 there were plans drawn up to extend the workshops. The car park was taken up and footings were being drilled into the concrete. A large hole appeared and on enlargement, found to be a concealed bunker containing a large amount of Third Reich items. Rumours spread - guns, helmets and flags. We never saw anything come out but the RMP were involved for a long time.


 Courtesy of Brian Sykes