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Normandy Barracks
Sennelager Training Centre
110 Pro Coy RMP 
Armoured Infantry Training Advisory Team (AITAT)
Northern Ireland Training Advisory Team (NITAT)
United Nations Training Advisory Team (UNTAT)
Armoured Training Advisory Team (ARMTAT)
SOTraining Advisory Team (SOTAT)
RE Search Team
Range Control
This image was taken of what was the Polish Barracks (within Normandy Barracks), which were situated behind the Naafi Bar/Shop.
It is said to be quite grim in the block to the left, which is used as a transit block (I've never been in a transit block which could fit any other discription other than grim).  The steps have now gone, that part of the building being used for showering and other things that a genleman needs to do daily. The block to the right is the cookhouse.
 Two BOAR era post cards of Sennelager.
Normandy Barracks (which includes Talbot (Post War) / Antwerp / Polish / Theatre (the middle of the H block was a theatre which the Brits converted into the AKC – the theatre stage is still there) and Munitions Anstalt (Muna) - Depot 90 plus a Barracks which included ammo factories and accommodation for female labour on an extended visit from their home countries).
Mr Patrick Butterly
I served with 110 Pro Coy RMP around 1986/7. The unit at that time had it’s Coy HQ in Normandy Barracks, with Police Posts etc at Gutersloh, Lippstadt and Bielefeld. In addition to General Police Duties (GPD) there was an SIB Detachment and a Mounted Troop detachment co-located in Normandy Barracks.
The two most memorable incidents that I recall, involved 1 QLR (Queens Lancashire Regiment). I forget the name of their camp but it was on the main road into town from Schloss Neuhaus/Sennelager (Alanbrooke Barracks).
There was an eruption of violence caused by the stabbing of a soldier from 1 QLR, who I believe was seriously wounded but survived his injuries. The problems erupted all over town involving soldiers from 1 QLR and probably other units, and the local Turkish community. Joint RMP/GCP (German Civil Police) were busy for most of that night and RMP Dog Section saw ‘active service’! Two Handlers I remember at that time were Paul Brown and Lee Sansum. Paul was a hell of a size of bloke, and I believe Lee had represented England at Judo. The sight of these guys with their dogs was enough to put anyone off a life of crime!
The second incident/s I recall concerned a number of sad events. 1 QLR were sent on embarkation leave to UK, prior to a Belfast tour. They went on leave on the same day that the Herald of Free Enterprise sank in Zeebrugge. This port was a popular ferry port for BAOR and, as such, the Battalion lost a number of men in this incident. When they eventually arrived in Belfast a while later, they lost men in Belfast within the first month of deployment. As I recall, the incident was in the Divis Flats area. Further to this, there was an SIB investigation concerning the Rear Party in Paderborn. It is not appropriate to discuss this incident. Suffice to say, it was ‘messy’ for all concerned.
Whilst Sennelager was known as ‘probably the worst lager in the world’, it was a good posting for those of us who were on a permanent posting there. Agreed, this probably cannot be said for those who only saw Sennelager Ranges in the middle of winter.
Bar I remember on the ‘Strip’…… Jocks Bar, Geordies Bar, Martini Bar.
Final mention. Jock Downs RMP. Killed in a Fatal Traffic Accident in the Sennelager area. RIP mate.
Ian Bessant