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Napier Barracks  
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2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers 1947-1948 (1)
1st Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers 1948-1949 (1)
23rd Field Regiment RE 1949-1958 (2)
47th Guided Weapons Regiment RA 1959-1966 (3)
27th Missile Regiment RA 1961-1966
12th Air Defence Regiment RA 1968-1971
36th Heavy Air Defence Regiment RA 1971-1977
22nd Air Defence Regiment RA  1977-1992
16th Air Defence Regiment RA 1992-1995
Closed 31 October 1995
(1) 1 RSF was reduced to Cadre in 1948. The Cadre joined 2 RSF in October 1948 with 2 RSF renumbered to 1 RSF.
(2) This Engineer unit built the Globe cinema out of a Nissen hut. Formed in 1948, the Squadrons were divided up between other Engineer Regiments on disbandment in 1958. The title "23" reappeared and disappeared a further twice before reappearing for a third time. See here for details.
(3) 47 GW Regt RA formed up in Crookham Camp in late 1957 and moved into Napier Barracks in January 1959. It was later joined by 27 GW Regt RA and both regiments shared the US Army Nuclear Warhead storage facility built at the end of the old runway. The Corporal Missile system became obsolete in 1966.

These barracks were named after 
General Sir William Francis Patrick Napier KCB, of the Royal Irish Artillery.
Left - The Main Gate of Napier Barracks (47 GW Regt RA).
Right - The main road in the direction of the swimming pool. The first building on the left, is the accommodation block WO`s and Sgt`s Mess. The second building, the Mess.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
Left - Officers' Mess. Right - WO`s and Sgt`s Mess?
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
Left - Napier Barracks in February 1959. Right - Fire Station
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
Left - Part of one of the railway platforms and buildings, later made into a N.C.O`s Club? The railway line itself, had been torn up and sold as scrap, long before my time 1959. This had been on the orders of a major in the R.E. The profits going to a very small circle of people. The Major himself was later Court Marshalled.
Right - Napier Barracks.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
 Right - The swimming pool emptied out. Right - Original airfield Control Tower.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
Left - Part of the original runway, taken from the east.
Right - The Luftwaffe long distance aircraft firing range (full of spent rusty cannon shells). Another one of these type ranges can be found on the Fallingbostel Various pages.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
Left -Exit door through the side bank of the Medium firing range, and down steps to the target pit.
 Right - The Long distance firing range. This shows the wheel depressions, set in the concrete at various distances from the target area (target pit), for the aircraft being tested. The wheel depressions possibly placed for a FW 190 aircraft.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
Left - The original steel gas and fire proof door (33 persons).
Right - An air raid shelter under one of the barrack blocks.
Courtesy of Mr John O'Meara
The following photographs are kind courtesy of The Association of 36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment RA. Thank you to them. They can be found at
Photographs courtesy of Morris Felton
The above three photographs show Thunderbirds of 10 Battery, 36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment RA deployed on exercise in BAOR in mid-1976. 10 Battery went on to join 45 Field Regiment when 36 was disbanded.