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Maresfield Barracks 
Built -
Type -
Original name - WaldfriedenKaserne
History -
Home to -
7th Signal Regiment (1)
Closed 19 August 1994
(1) These barracks were the long term home 7th Signal Regiment.
"As well as being the home of 7 Sigs, Maresfield Barracks was also the location of the main ammo compound for the Armoured Recce Regt based at Harewood Barracks. In the event of a real alert The CVR/T vehicles from Harewood were to go to Maresfield to "bomb" up. With 7 Signal Regiment also deploying, entry at the main gate would have made things a bit congested. As a result we were to drive into and smash down the perimeter fence, bomb up and then drive into and smash down another part of the fence to get out again! Legal vandalism!! Thankfully we never had to put this into practice".
 Tony Hart ex 1 RTR