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Kingsley Barracks
Home to:
 HQ 11 Armd Bde
HQ Minden Garrison
87 Tels Wksp REME 1957-1958 (1)
87 (Specialist) Tels Wksp REME 1958-1961 (2)
87 Tels Wksp REME 1961-1967 (3)
20 Corps Electronics Workshop REME 1967-1970 (4)
20 Fd Wksp (Electronics) REME 1970-1989 (5)
211 (11 Armd Bde) SIGS SQN
49 AEC
4 Armd Div Officers' Study Centre
Closed 1 June 1994
(1) Arriving from Clifton Barracks, Minden.
(2) Retitled 87 Specialist Telecommunications Workshop REME in 1958.
(3) Retitled 87 Telecommunications Workshops REME in 1961.
(4) Retitled 20 Corps Electronics Workshop REME in 1967.
(5) Retitled 20 Field Workshop (Electronics) REME in 1970. Amalgamated with 19 Field Workshop (Electronics) REME but retained original title. Moved to Mossbank Barracks, Bielefeld, in October 1989.
Kingsley Barracks was also the headquarters of the "Army Kinema Corporation" in B.A.O.R. The A.K.C at the time came directly under the control of the War Office. All staff had WO`s and Sgt`s status, which put them in the Sgt`s mess for accommodation and rations. In 1959 there was about 48 cinemas throughout B.A.O.R, not to be confused with "Astra cinems" of the R.A.F which were separate at that time.

Courtesy of Konversionsflächen in NRW.
Above is a welcoming stone which is still there and is located outside the entrance but is often overlooked as it is obscured by trees and bushes.
Courtesy of Dave,  Ex Reme, Ex Sgt, Ex NIEW Pussy Posse, LS&GC , JRC Naafi and Bar.

 Guard Room to the right with the RMP accommodation to the left. The yellow building futher on was split. The windows on the ground floor to the right of the door belonged to the COMCEN, to the left was the RMP rest room and kitchen and upstairs was the Det WO and the Police Office and Interpreters. The RMP took up about a quarter to a third of that block, the rest belonged to 211 Sig Sqn.


Kingsley Barracks Guard Room. Now called the "Lunchbox". Must be a bit cosier as it stands now. 

Courtesy of Mr Mick Hall

 An apt street sign, if ever there was one. This sign stands by what was the entrance to Kingsley Barracks.

Courtesy of Mr Mick Hall