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Harrogate Barracks 
Home to:
623 MSO
I can't really give comment on what stands here today. The elderly lady who can be seen on the photo said that it has been about 8 years since the army left and then pointed out that we are due a spot of rain tonight. Closed 29 April 1994.
When I was stationed in Bielefeld, Harrogate housed MSG Bielefeld (Mixed Service Group?), a transportation unit that IIRC originally employed Poles and suchlike that didn't want to go back east when the communists took over. I was stationed with 1 Corps Troops Workshop across the road in Mossbank Barracks from 1986-90. I remember that when the Alert State went up (due to terrorist activity) we had to send people over there to bolster the guard as it was normally guarded by civies.
 Pete Garnham
To the right of the white van there seems to be a small reminder of original fencing.