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Harden Barracks
Barracks named after LCpl Eric Harden awarded a posthumous VC whilst serving with 45 Commando RM in North West Europe in January 1945.
The village of Obernkirchen achieved brief fame in the mid 50s when the local Childrens' Choir reached number 1 in the British Hit Parade with their song "The Happy Wanderer" (opening lines are- "I love to go a wandering along the mountain track").
Peter Watson
Former home to 29 Field Ambulance Company RAMC circa 1960 to the late 70's [dates to confirm] when they moved to Glyn Hughes Barracks at Hohne co-located with 28 Field Ambulance where they merged to form 1 (BR) Corps Field Ambulance RAMC in 1981.
They were followed by 49 (RP) Company of 1 (BR) Corps Combat Supplies Battlion RAOC whose HQ was Barker Barracks at Paderborn
Mike Comerford
I can confirm that Harden Bks was home to 29 Field Ambulance, it was their tracked Ambulances that got them into trouble with the locals in Obernkirchen.
Chris Smart ex 49 (RP) Coy

49 (RP) Company RAOC
 [dates to confirm]
49 (Replenishment Park) Company was mainly responsable for managing the 1 (BR) Corps Packed POL Reserves but also capable of building POL Tank Farms and linking them to the BAOR Fuel Pipe Line System The company also looked after a number of Forward Ammunition & POL Storage sites in the Corps Area.
POL =  Petroleum, Oils & Lubricants
49 (RP) Coy RAOC became 51 Ord Coy RAOC of 5 Ord Batt  then 61 Supply Sqn RLC
Mike Comerford
 Guard Room.
The photo above shows the main road leading from the guard room to the JR Cook house. On the right can be seen the CQMS Stores and Coy HQ. On the left in the distance is the POL point and Sgt mess accommodation.
 This photo shows the front of what was the JRC
 Rear of JRC.