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Haig Barracks
Haig Barracks was so named after Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. 
Haig Barracks (North)
49th Field Regiment RA Feb 1979-Apr 1982
1st Regiment RHA Apr 1982-Jan 1993 (1)
Haig Barracks (South)
45th Field Regiment RA 1978-1985 (2)
40th Field Regiment RA 1985-1994 (3)
Unknown exact placing:
Royal Engineers
32 Armoured Engineer Regiment 1965-1977 (4)
Royal Armoured Corps
1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards 1973-1979 (5)
 The 14/20 King's Hussars 1977-1985 (6)
 The Light Dragoons 1992-2000 (7)
9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) 2000-current (8)
(1) Arriving in April 1982 to be equipped with Abbot guns. They departed for Assaye Barracks, Tidworth, in January 1993.
(2) Arriving from Barker Barracks, Paderborn and leaving for Kirkee Barracks, Colchester. After Colchester the unit then returned to Barker Barracks, Paderborn where they were later disbanded.
(3) Moving into Caen Barracks in January 1994.
(4) Departing for Munsterlager.
(5) The barracks were modified (upgraded) in 1979 and QDG moved across the road to Campbell Barracks where they remained until the move to Omagh in 1981.
(6) Arriving midway through 1977 and leaving in May 1985.
(7) The Light Dragoons were formed in 1992 as an amalgamation of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own) and the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars (arriving from Lothian Barracks, Detmold).
(8) Was formed on 11 September 1960 in the garrison church at Tidworth from the amalgamation of the It was formed on 11 September 1960 in the garrison church at Tidworth from the amalgamation of the It was formed on 11 September 1960 in the garrison church at Tidworth from the amalgamation of the 9th Queen's Royal Lancers and the 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's).
10 Bty, 45 Fd Regt R.A. on Border Patrol Duties
10 Bty, 45 Fd Regt R.A. Border Patrol Vehicles
10 AD Bty (45 Field Regt R.A.) did (at least one) Border Patrol in 1978. We were allocated a sector of the Elbe and met up with our Guide. We were accommodated in an old German Bks as shown in the attached pics. On the IGB there was thick fog so we saw ***** all but there were compensations - the Kellar of our Bks had been converted into one huge Sauna and we all enjoyed the 3 days there.

A Photo of A Tp, 10 (Assaye) AD Bty (part of 45 Regt RA) with their newly-delivered AFV CVR(T) SPARTAN in early 1978. 10 Bty was the AD Bty of 45 Regt which comprised: HQ Bty, 10 AD Bty, 152 (Niagara) Med Bty, 170 (Imjin) Med Bty, 34 (Seringapatam) Hy Bty plus a Wksps REME, Stores Sect RAOC and a US(Nuc)Det. 10 Bty had recently converted to Blowpipe (Blowjob , as it was often called), 152 and 170 Btys were equipped with M109 A2(later A3 with a 48 cal barrel) (Nuclear Capable) and 34 Bty with 8" (Nuclear Capable).

Photograph of 10 Bty taken in Hohne in 1979. Most of the lads had just returned from their various Conversion Courses at Bovington (CVR(T)) and Benbecula (Blowpipe). The Bks Modernisation prog had just been completed and we had finished moving families and their kit up from Dortmund. There was no help from MFO so we had to do the entire move  using the 5, 4-tonne Bedfords that we had.   .............typical!

I, as BK, along with the rest of BHQ had been in Hohne since Sep/Oct '78 getting things prepared and so that things would run "smoothly", I'd encouraged the BC (now deceased) to take an extended period of Leave !!

The second pic is an enlargement showing the Bty Silver laid out in front. 


Above photographs and text courtesy of Morris Felton