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Goodwood Barracks
Home to:
115 LOC BTY 1960-1962 (1)
156 LOC BTY 19??-1962 (2)
(1) Home to 115 Locating Bty from 1960-62, who arrived here after leaving Menden. 
(2) 156 Locating Bty arrived from Hildesheim.
In 1962 both Btys moved over to join 94 Loc Regt in Taunton Bks.
Cookhouse block.
Situated in  Westercelle, Goodwood Barracks was the overflow Bks from 1961-1964 when 95 Loc Regt Disbanded and 94 Regt took on their manpower. Also in Goodwood Bks was a RMP Detachment. After the British moved out, a Dutch Army unit moved in. The barracks were named after Operation Goodwood  which was an Allied military operation in Normandy, during the Second World War.
In February 1970 I was posted to 639 Signal Troop (Rear Link), attached 94 Locating Regt in Celle West Germany. I was still Grenadier Guards badged, and sort of stuck out (again), as for some reason Royal Signals Records and the Guards Records had not completed the transfer paperwork. But in March 1970 I was presented with my Jimmy Cap badge. And was told to stop using my Guards stable belt!! So started my new life in communications, just about 100% CW rear link duties.
Then in 1971 I was posted to Northern Ireland with 50% of 94 Locating Regt. I was in 156 Battery and we where attached to 32 Heavy Regt. I ended up firstly at Crossmaglen, then Bessbrook. Up to Belfast to some ship I forget the name of  and then in the Battery Ops room at Albert St Mill. At Albert St I became the Battery Commander's personnel Radio Operator. So there was never a dull moment or much sleep for that matter. We lost a few close friends, as things where quite bad in February 1971 throughout the Province
On my return to Celle (March 1971), I found I was posted to RAF Wildenrath with 21 Signal Regt (AS) on support to the RAF Harrier force for BAOR. This posting at short notice was due to the Royal Signals trade reorganisation at that time.
But within weeks I was moved to help form a new troop. This was to be J Troop, 21 Signal Regt (AS) at RAF Gutersloh, which provided ground and ground to air communications support for the RAF Wessex Helicopter (18) Squadron. Here I was to stay for five years and what a fantastic five years it was.