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Although this was not actually an RAF Station, it played a crucial part in the Berlin Airlift from July to December 1948. A suburb of Hamburg, it is not to be confused with Finkenwerder, south of Rostock, which was also close to water. It was the start point for two types of seaplane, the Short Sunderland and its civilian counterpart, the Short Hythe. These were used for the transport of salt, as the hulls were anodised to lessen the corrosive effect.
It ceased operations in December 1948, due to the danger of ice in the water at both locations, modified Hastings aircraft with anodised fuselages were used as a replacement.
Home to:*
201 Sqn - July-December 1948 (Sunderland V) (1)
230 Sqn - July-December 1948 (Sunderland V) (1)
235 OCU - July-December 1948 (Sunderland GR V) (1) (2)
Aquila Airways (Civilian) - July-December 1948 (Hythe) (1)
* The term "Home to" is used loosely, to describe aircraft using the landing site. 
(1) There are different opinions as to the number of aircraft used from each Squadron/Airline.
(2) 235 OCU is mentioned in some references, but not in others.