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Cuxhaven Various
Information has been received from the Archivist of The Black Watch about locations in Germany at the immediate end of World War 2, and the years following on from there.
Whilst these first locations are closer to Bremerhaven, they are in the Cuxhaven District as the small Bremen/Bremerhaven enclave in the otherwise British Zone was designed to give the Americans a transatlantic port facility to the land locked US Zone in the South of Germany.
1st Battalion The Black Watch
May 1945 - Heerstedt (1)
May 1945 - Mulsum (2)
(1) Approximately 20km south-east of Bremerhaven
(2) Approximately 30km north of Bremerhaven, and 40km from Heerstedt
According to the details supplied by the Archivist, it appears as though they spent about 5 months in Mulsum before moving on to Buxtehude.