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Caithness Barracks
Built -
Type - Wehrmacht, purpose unknown
Original Name -  Aller Kaserne/Lindhooper Kaserne (being situated on Lindhooper Straße)
History -
Home to -
3 RHA Apr 1948-Nov 1950 (1)
112 Coy RASC 194? - 1961 (2)
HQ 7 Armd Div Sig Regt ?-May 1958
HQ 5  Armd Div Sig Regt 1958-1960
HQ 1 Armd Div Sig Regt Jun 1960-1993 (3)
SSO Verden
33 AEC
Det 8 PLSU

(1) The camp was closed for refurbishment in towards the end of 1950 and 3 RHA moved to Dennis Barracks, Munsterlager.
(2) Leaving for Liebenau in 1961.
(3) Moving on to Wentworth Barracks, Herford.

The single storey blocks housed the primary school and Medical Centre.

Caithness Barracks.

The barracks was originally in two separate building lots 1) the original (ca 1870) cavalry barracks - the workshops (Mike Troop) was the first building behind the newer barracks (HQ Squadron building) - it has since been demolished 2) the newer "Adolf" built barracks, which judging by the wide roads and generous curves in the road was home to a Wehrmacht artillery or air-defence unit. The road layout was designed to accommodate half-track gun-tractors. The barracks has since become the Kreisverwaltung (County Hall), the Cinema still exists, and the former NAAFI shopping centre seems to be an art & crafts sales centre.
Aller Kaserne

 I did two tours in Verden and my wife originates from Eystrup which was where the GOC's residence was (Villa Stube). I am reliably informed that Caithness Bks was originally known as Lindhooper Kaserne (it is on Lindhooper Str). Shiel Bks was Known as Brunenweg Kaserne (it is on Brunenweg Str). In my army career and civvy life I have known Verden since 1968. 
Former guard room.
Courtesy of Mr Steve Wright

Riding hall converted into a gym.

Was this your parking slot?

AAC Flight

2 and 3 Sqn Garages
B Troop, 3 Sqn and P Troop 2 Sqn  garages.
Bravo Troop Garages - I spent some time here as well but, don't remember sharing the space with any other troop. After all, we had two squash courts and nineteen vehicles to get in here. I served in Bravo Troop. 3 Squadron from December 1973 to about May / June 1979. Being an "operator" the garages were not normally part of our domain. However, because of a decision not to use RCT drivers for our Auto 40's and MCVF's I was trained as an HGV driver and from then on drove MCVF Oscar on exercise. I continued to drive the vehicle on exercise even after becoming the vehicle commander as did the Foreman of Signals commanding the Auto 40.
Tony Gaynor ex-Royal Signals
 Above and below - HQ MT, QM's and Cook House.
Courtesy of Mr Steve Wright
Regarding the photos of Shiel and Caithness Bks Verden. This was my first posting as a young REME Craftsman. I was posted there in March 1973 and at the time it was 1 Div HQ & Sig Regt. I initially was a REME Clerk in HQ REME and then moved over to the LAD. So I lived in both Barracks.

The LAD was accomodated in Shiel Bks on the top floor of the main block as you entered the barracks and we shared the RMO cookhouse facilities.

I left Verden in December 1974.
Ian Loftus
Guard Mounting - Caithness Barracks 1976. Recognise anyone?
 Photograph courtesy of Tim Hopkins ex-A Squadron 1 Div HQ and Signal Regt Royal Signals
Looking through photos from Caithness Barracks I spotted a B&W photo in which I featured - "It's Me!!!!"

Photo was of an honour guard and titled "Mounting Guard" - I am the soldier in the centre of the group (there being seven I am number four whichever end you start counting from) I remember being selected for several of these - at least three. Would possibly have had to do more but made sure that I was quite a busy bod in those days.
Tony Gaynor ex-Royal Signals.
On Exercise somewhere in Germany.
Public Relations Exercise or "Do I have to Sarge??"
 Photographs courtesy of Tim Hopkins ex- A Squadron 1 Div HQ and Signal Regt Royal Signals
In Caithness Barracks the ammunition store must have been some form of auxiliary stable (perhaps blacksmiths??) as I remember the rings on the walls of the building, inside and out. The buildings used for our vehicles were obviously ex stable blocks with the associated rings etc for tethering horses.
Jim Toms
I was posted to 7 Armd Div Sig Regt at the end of March 1952 and served with the REME LAD. The workshop was located on the edge of the sports ground and next to the large iron gates (I never did see them open!) at the side of the road to Shiel Barracks. I was posted back to the UK on 22 Aug 1953. We lived on the top floor of the guard house barrack block, just inside the main gate.
John Banks
I was at Caithness Bks from Aug 82 - Aug 86 serving with 1 Sqn as a Radio Relay Operator. Whilst stationed there I was told that the original occupants of the barracks were a Horse Drawn Artillery unit. This was supported by the stable like setup of the basements under each of the accommodation blocks and the wide doors at one end of each block.
With reference to the photograph of 2 and 3 Sqn garages. The garages at the far end of the block, if I remember correctly, are 1 Sqn's. The photo captioned "AAC Flight" looks like the parade ground, taken from the POL point, with 1 and 2 Sqn garages at the far end. The ramps we used for getting under our wagons can be seen in front of the 1 Sqn garages. Behind the garages was an open area, with a helicopter landing pad. Behind that was the REME LAD workshop. There was a massive collection of wood and combustibles, each year, for the 5 November bonfire and fireworks which took place on the grassed area around the helicopter landing pad. 
N J (Heff)Heffernan
LCpl - 24466694