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Yorkshire Barracks
A Luftflottenkommando or headquarters for Luftwaffe Gruppe II was built in Braunschweig in 1937-38. After the war the complex was used by the British Forces as Yorkshire Barracks, and is now a school and government office building (Grünewaldstraße 16-20).



Luftflottenkommando or headquarters for Luftwaffe Gruppe II

Courtesy of Soprano

Braunschweig 1955. Four out of five cars are VW Beetles.
Courtesy of Sgt Ed Cooper, REME
Braunschweig did not have any British Military Units stationed there but there were some quarters for the resident unit in Wolfenbuttel (Normally recce Battalions) and also for the unit at Langeleben (225 Signal Squadron, later 1 Sqn 14 Sig Regt)) see their site (Langeleben Reunion) similar to BVA site. There were about 10 Officers' Quarters and about 30 other ranks, normally occupied by SNCOs. There was probably one unit there (about 3 personnel) that was the RTOs office for the Military train to Berlin which left from a platform at Braunschweig station.