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Yeovil Barracks
Original name - Knochenhauer Kaserne
Home to:
M Bty, 3 RHA  Jan 1951-Jun 1952 (1)
94 Loc Regt RA 1952-1954 (2)
(1) M Bty, 3 RHA  were based in Knochenhauer Kaserne when they first moved to Munsterlager as there was not enough room for them in Dennis Barracks.
(2) Moving on to Dennis Barracks, Munsterlager
Named after Wilhelm Knochenhauer (1878–1939), a German cavalry officer who attained the rank of general . Today that area is part of Hindenburg Kaserne.
Munsterlager - 1937. Block 6 can be seen on the left with block 7 to the right. 
 Gnr. 'Jock' Roxburgh, Surveyor Class II (S.R.) R.A.
I served in 94th Locating Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1952-53. We were part of 1 Corps and were stationed in Munsterlager, first at Yeovil Barracks and later Dennis Barracks. I was billeted in block 7 (above on the right) during my time there, and I clearly remember that an ornate Germanic 'DKB7' was carved (bas-relief) into the stonework on the face of the building.
The Regiment were in Munsterlager from 1951 'til 1956, when they moved on to Celle. They had the Freedom of the City of Celle conferred on them in 1969 in recognition of the close relationship between the City and the Regiment.
Gnr. 'Jock' Roxburgh, Surveyor Class II (S.R.) R.A.