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Wessex Barracks
Built - 1935
Type - Wehrmacht temporary accommodation camp
Original Name -
Home to:

7th Royal Tank Regiment 1957-59 (1)
8th  Royal Tank Regiment 1959-60 (2)
5th  Royal Tank Regiment 1960-63
The Royal Scots Grey (2nd Dragoons) 1963-1969
15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars Nov 1969-1974
17th/21st Lancers Oct 1974-Oct 1977
1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards 1977-1980
2nd Battalion The Coldstream Guards 1980-1984
2nd Royal Tank Regiment 1984-1990 (4)
The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars 1990-1993 (5)
The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish) 1993-1995
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) 1995-pres

(1) 7 RTR was absorbed/amalgamated with 4 RTR in 1959
(2) 8 RTR was absorbed/amalgamated with 5 RTR in 1960
(3) 1st Bn Coldsteam Guards left for Caterham Surrey, with the 2nd Bn departing from the aforementioned place. Because this was a “swap” exchange of Station, a number of ranks changed Battalions to stay in same location for 3 more years, 1st Bn went back to Münster from 1991-1998 this may be the last time a Coldstream Bn is stationed in Germany.
(4) The Regiment arrived from Wolfenbüttel where it had been in the corps reconnaissance role. 1985 saw the Regiment convert back to heavy armour, being fitted out with Challenger I.They then moved to Catterick in 1990 in the role of the RAC Training Regiment.
(5) Deployed on Op Granby as part of 7 Armoured Brigade. Amalgamated with the Queen's Own Hussars in 1993 to form The Queen's Royal Hussars. Moved to Catterick in June 1995





BAOR infantry Battalions would also move to Ulster for six months during BAOR service. 1984 Wessex Barracks reverted back to its original status as an armoured “tank” location, infantry stores and vehicles went with the 1st Bn Welsh Guards at Hohne. We give all our “bucksee” kit to 2 RTR.

Above images and text courtesy of Robert Huggins