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Cavalry  Barracks
The third Barracks in Verden are located in town on the main road near the Bahnhof, its German name was Holzmarkt Kaserne - more commonly known as the Cavalry Barracks, I do not know if they had a different British name . This was the oldest barracks in Verden, the first buildings were erected in 1828/9 to house the Verden Hussars and the Duke of Cumberland's Hussars - maybe we can claim a very tenuous link to the British Army, they fought at Waterloo as part of the British Cavalry Corp!! The Duke of Cumberland at that time was the 5th son of King George III and he later became King of Hannover.When I was first in Verden with my parents, 1952 - 54, the barracks were occupied by the RMP - unit title unknown, a GSO Transport Unit, the Military Trg Section of 7 Armd Div Column RASC and the TocH. When I was posted there in 1958 these units were still occupying the barracks. When 112 Coy RASC moved to Liebenau I believe the occupants moved to Caithness Barracks, less the Mil Trg Sect who moved to Liebenau. The barracks were then taken over by Artillery Regt 22 of the Bundeswehr who occupied them until 1987 when they were handed over to the local authorities. Today they house the German Horse Museum.
Bob Gregory