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Tunis Barracks
Home to:
2nd Infantry Division Provost Company 1960-??
54 Engineer Support and Ambulance Squadron RCT 1983 - ??
656 Signal Troop
Closed 1 April 1992
I was posted here between '83 and '85 with 656 Signal Troop (Forward 2 Inf Div HQ & Sig Regt). The troop was left behind along with a number of staff officers when 2 Div was shipped back to York. We were bunked in along side 54 Eng Sp and Ambulance Sqn RCT.

The NAAFI shop was alongside the main gate and accessed off the public road. The accommodation blocks for the Signal troop and HQ were behind the guardroom and medical centre. Across the square was the NAAFI canteen and bar and to the right and down towards the bottom gates was the vehicle shed for the troop with about 8 FFR landrovers, a couple of GS's, and the commanders Landrover complete with Bed!! Behind the cookhouse was the Troop offices on the ground floor and the HQ staff offices and comcen were on the upper floor behind a secured grill. I'll have a root around Mum's house next time I'm there as I'm sure there are a few photo's floating around.

In late '85, the staff were relocated to Bielefeld and the troop was down sized and we moved to Lippstadt alongside 22 Sig Regt.
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