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St Patrick's Barracks
Originally and infantry barracks, named Erstoff Kaserne by the Wehrmacht, it was christened St Patrick's Barracks on arrival of the 2nd Battalion Irish Guards in 1946. Situated or Wilson Straße (formerly Tange Straße), in the Wandsbek disrtict.  The barracks is now used as temporary accommodation for asylum seekers.
The following photographs are courtesy of Guardsman Ivor White, Irish Guards. 
 The above photos show the camp when it was still named Erstorff Kaserne.
Above can be seen Roberts Block (named after an ancestor of the current IG Regimental Lieutenant Colonel, Major General SJL Roberts OBE) with the picture on the left showing Bob Annison and Norman Evan's visit in 1995. 
 2725416 Gdsn White I.N returns to Wandsbek, 2001. The German War Memorial still stands outside the Officer's Mess in remembrance of the Regiments who trained in these barracks, including members of the famous Africa Corps (bottom right).
 More information on St Patrick's Barracks can be found by clicking here and here.
Wanted! This place is due to be levelled soon. If you live in or around Hamburg, please do the honours.