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St David's Barracks
Built - 1938
Type - Wermacht?? 
Original name - Wald Kaserne?

History -
Home to:
Head Quarters 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Divison 1945-1947 (1)
Head Quarters 2nd Infantry Division 1951-1958 (2)
1st Battalion The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Regiment 1959-1961 (3)
1st Battalion The Lancashire Regiment 1961-1964 (4)
34th Light Air Defence Regiment RA 1964-1968 (5)
107th Company RASC 19??-1965 
17th Company RASC 1965-? (6)
 Handed over to the Bundeswehr in 1968
Known as Wald Kaserne whilst in German hands and named after St David  (known in Welsh as Dewi Sant) when taken over by the British Army post World War 2. it is thought that American Forces were the first temporary occupants before handing over to the British Army.
(1) Arriving from Hamburg via the Cologne/Bonn area late 1945 known as 'X' Division from Jul 1946
(2) 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Divison formed 2nd Infantry Division Feb 1947 moved to Tunis Barracks Lübbecke 1958
(3) Arrived from Dempsey Barracks Sennelager
(4) Rumour has it that there was a "disagreement" during this Regiment's stay!
(5) Arriving from Keightley Barracks Wuppertal as 34th Regiment RA moved to Napier Barracks Dortmund Jan 1967
(6) 17 Coy RASC was formed from personnel from 5 Coy and 13 Coy RASC who were stationed at Wrexham Bks Mülheim, in November 1963.
Courtesy of Mr John Porter
I joined the army at nineteen, heading to Aldershot for six weeks basic training, I remember my instructor was Cpl Smith. After six weeks we then went for six weeks-trade training at Yeovil in Somerset. For driver training we trained in old T4 Bedfords, I passed with flying colours because of my passion for driving.


I then went to a holding camp to await posting. I was posted to 107 Coy RASC who were based at Hilden, Germany, BFPO 44. This was in September 1961 and the Coy consisted of four platoons:


A Platoon - 3 ton vehicles.


B Platoon - 3 ton vehicles which were both Bedfords.


C Platoon - 10 ton Leyland.


HQ Platoon - Land Rovers.


Our CO was Major Tippet-Lies and our Sergeant Major was CSM Lewis BEM. The Coy was part of 4 Division, an Infantry group with its HQ situated in Herford. The role of our Coy was to support 4 Div with supplies such as fuel, ammo, and food.


Also in the camp at this time were the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. The barracks' church holds dear to me as this is where my wife and I married in 1962.


In 1965 our Coy departed for Ubique Barracks, Dortmund, which was situated on the main road, namely Bundesstraße 1.  Also in that year the RASC change to the RCT, which was quite strange for us because we change from Coy to Sqn. I left Germany in 1967 and went to UK then to Cyprus. Below are some of the men in my platoon

George Cagehin


                                                                                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of  George Cagehin


Courtesy of Mr John Porter

Courtesy of Mr John Porter
Courtesy of Mr John Porter