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Bristol Barracks 
Home to:
HQ 31st Lorried Infantry Brigade 1951 – Apr 1956
HQ 10 Infantry Brigade GP 1956 – Oct 1958
 2nd Bn Devonshire Regiment 1946 –1947

Renamed Worcester Barracks
94th Observation Regiment RA 1949
1st Bn Essex Regiment Dec 1951 – May 1953 (1)
2nd Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers 1953 - Jun 1954
1st Bn Royal West Kent Regiment 1954 – Jun 1956
1st Bn The Welch Regiment 1956 – Oct 1957
1st Bn The South Staffordshire Regiment 1957 – Dec 1958
 Handed over to German Army and renamed Scharnhorst-Kaserne 1958
(1) 1st Bn The Essex Regiment were based in Lüneburg, arriving from Elizabeth Barracks, Minden in 1951. In mid 1953 the regiment sailed on the Troopship "Asturias" for a year in Korea. The next move was in 1954 to be part of the Hong Kong Garrison.

The Regimental Square at Lüneberg with parked Matadors etc, dining hall in distance. The Matadors were usually only used for towing Radar caravans by 211 Battery, while 210 Battery used three tonners for Sound Ranging HQ ops while the Survey Troop tore around in Jeeps - 1949. 
Courtesy of Mr Ron Bramble

A shot of Christmas Day' festivities - Officers v Sergeants played in front of  RHQ block.
Courtesy of Mr Ron Bramble
The RSM in green tunic and fetching green dress does a Web-Ellis down field at the Christmas Day football match. He lost his green Shako very early on.
Courtesy of Mr Ron Bramble