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St Barbara Barracks
St Barbara Barracks was probably named so as the barracks was previously occupied by a Royal Regiment of Artillery unit, the good lady being patron saint of drop shorts.
Built - 1935
Type - Wehrmacht temporary accommodation camp
Original Name -
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21 Loc Regt RA 1962-? (1)
20 (Hvy) Regt RA 1965-1971
42 (Hvy) Regt RA Nov 1971-Feb 1977 (2)
3 RRF 1977-1981
3 QUEEN'S 1981-1986
1 STAFFORDS 1986-1991
1 CHESHIRE 1991-1994 (3)
1 RHF1994-1999
1 BW Aug 2000-Mar 2004 (4)
1 HLDRS 2004-Mar 2006
4 SCOTS Mar 2006 - pres (5) 


7th Armd Wksp REME 1951-1993
2 Bn REME 1993-pres
16 Tk Tptr Sqn RASC/RCT/RLC 1952-1991


(1)  21 Light Regiment RA arrived in Fallingbostel from Rhyl in N.Wales, when the Regt changed over to a Radar Locating Regiment in 1962.  Arriving in January 1962  there was a 6 month delay before the main body of Gunners arrived.

(2) On 25 February 1977 the Regiment was disbanded.

(3) 1 Cheshire short stay was due to options for change on the back of the end of the Cold War, when Fallingbostel was estabilished as a Scots Division Posting for Armoured Infantry.

(4) Leaving Germany for Battlesbury Bks,Warminster until December 2005, then on to Palace Bks, Holywood, becoming the 3rd Bn RRS in March 2006.
(5) Under restructuring The Highlanders, 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland became 4th Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland on 28 March  2006.


Rail Heads

"I was stationed at 20 Heavy Regt RAOC Stores Section which housed in the stables building at the bottom of the track. January 1969- June 1971. What a place, no central heating just a stove in the corner. The accomadation or the REME block between the families NAAFI and the Sergents mess had German writing on the walls underneath our emulsion which we had to paint over.
The stables were at the bottom of the road as you came into 20 Heavy Regt R.A cookhouse on the left, turn right down to the new REME 1970 wokshops on the left, further on big vehicle park turn left there for the tank transporters, and AMEC wksps, in front of you the Reme garage where they kept their vehicles and mt section, turn right REME offices vehicle park and RAOC Stores section,directly behind that RSDG had a stable where there was a small section of REME who worked on the tanks."
K Mac