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Fliegerhorst Kaserne 
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31st Armoured Workshop REME
17th Infantry Workshop REME ?-1958 (1)
Handed over to Bundeswehr - 1958
(1) Previously titled 31 Armd Wksp. 17 Inf Wksp went on to disband in mid 1958.
Above shows  a pre war photo of the entrance to the Fliegerhorst Kaserne at Rotenburg/Wumme.
Former Luftwaffe Air Defence Fighter Base to the north of the small market town of Rotenburg midway between Hamburg and Bremen. Captured by the Coldstream Guards at the end of WW2. 5RTR were there in the late 1940s but in the early 1950s facilities were adapted for use as 31 Armoured Workshop REME. Site was handed over to the German Army in the late 1950s for similar use as an Armoured Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Unit.Cannot remember any official name for the complex which was known locally as the Fliegerhorst Kaserne.
Peter Watson
The camp was handed over to the Bundeswehr in 1958 and was named Lent Kaserne, the last British unit was 17 Inf Wksp REME, previously titled 31 Armd Wksp. This was my first posting in Dec 1957, after Boys service and A Veh training, it was short lived as 17 Inf disbanded in mid 58 and I was posted to the 8 KRIH in Luneburg.
Bob Gregory