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HMS Royal Charlotte - Summer 1945
HMS Royal Charlotte was a Naval Intelligence unit. It moved to Cuxhaven in the Autumn of 1945. The length of the unit's tenure there is unknown at present.
HMS Royal Harold - 1946-1947
HMS Royal Harold was reputedly based in Kiel from 1946 to 1947. A location is unknown at the moment, but was possibly to the north of the main part of Kiel, close to Holtenau at the end of the Kiel Canal.

117 Infantry Brigade Royal Marines - May-July 1945

including 31/32/33 Battalions RM


May –July 1945. The Brigade moved from England to Kiel in mid May 1945 in order to release 46 Highland Brigade for occupational duties elsewhere in Schleswig Holstein. Principal tasks included the provision of a Guard Force for all naval installations in the city, the disarming and initial screening of all German Naval Personnel and subsequent dispersal to concentration areas in accordance with OPERATION ECLIPSE. Another problem was the arrival, by sea, of civilian refugees from the Soviet occupied areas of Eastern Germany including East Prussia. The Brigade left Kiel in July to return to the UK and disbandment.




This was a covert Naval Intelligence unit operating in the Baltic under Royal Navy command in ex-Krieg marine Fast Patrol Boats manned by ex Krieg marine personnel. The task was subsequently taken over by the newly formed Bundesmarine in 1955.