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HMS Royal Albert - September 1945
HMS Royal Albert is reported as being in the Hamburg area for a short time around September 1945. The exact location is unknown at present, but would most likely to have been in the Docks area.
HMS Royal Edgar - 1945-1947?
HMS Royal Edgar was in the Hamburg area between 1945 and 1947. In charge of Port Administration. As with HMS Royal Albert, the exact location is unknown, but most likely in the Docks area.
RN/RM Elbe Flotilla / RN/RM Elbe Squadron - 1945?-1958

Based in Hamburg the unit was responsible for the safe and secure passage of all waterborne traffic from the border with the Soviet Zone east of Buchen and the Elbe Estuary. The unit was equipped with fast patrol boats (including some former wartime Krieg marine vessels) crewed by both Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel. The unit was renamed Elbe Squadron in the mid 1950s before being disbanded in 1958 when its responsibilities were handed over to the newly created Bundeswehr.

T Company Royal Marine Engineers - May-November 1945
No firm details of this Company are known as yet. "T" Company came under Royal Marine Command rather than Army.