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RAF Hehn
 RAF Hehn/Rheindahlen was a non-flying Royal Air Force base, part of the Rheindahlen Military Complex in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Established after World War II it served mainly as the administrative support centre for the 2nd Tactical Air Force. It was disbanded in 1993 and amalgamated with the other military support units at Rheindahlen. To find out more click here.
"The unit based here was actually called 11 SU (Signals Unit) Hehn. Situated on near Nord Park Monchengladbach. It was set back on the east side fence line nestled in the married quarter area. It  has now been completely demolished".
This was an RAF signals unit occupying a site in the NE corner of Ayrshire Barracks, MG
Courtesy of Mr Simon Moore