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 RAF Gütersloh
 RAF Gütersloh was a Royal Air Force Germany air base, the nearest RAF air base to the East/West German border. It was constructed by the Germans prior to World War II. The Station was originally built for the Luftwaffe who flew Junkers Bombers from the station and the runway was extended during this period with Soviet Prisoners of War, a memorial to whom now stands near Junkers Farm, a farm building which was later used as a Scout Hut within the confines of the Stations perimeter fence.
The base was captured by the Americans in April 1945 it was handed over to the RAF in June 1945 as HQ 2 Group.
During its history as an RAF base, it was home to the English Electric Lightning F2/F2A of No. 92 Squadron RAF and No. 19 Squadron RAF from 1968 to 1976. It then became home to No. 3 Squadron RAF and No. 4 Squadron RAF flying successive variants of the BAe Harrier. After the Harriers left, the RAF continued to operate helicopters, No. 18 Squadron RAF with the Boeing Chinook and No. 230 Squadron RAF with the Puma HC1.
Following the RAF's withdrawal in 1993, the base became the Princess Royal Barracks, Gütersloh, a base for British Army helicopters and Royal Logistic Corps Regiments. To read further please click here.
In the 1980s and up until its transfer of ownership to the British Army, RAF Gütersloh was home to:
63 Sqn RAF Regt (Rapier)  
3 Sqn (16 x Harrier GR3)
4 Sqn (16 x Harrier GR3)
18 Sqn (18 x CH/47 Chinook, previously Wessex)
230 Sqn (16 x Puma Helicopter)
When my father was stationed in Gütersloh (Mansergh Barracks) the RAF had Hawker Hunter FGA9 s based at Gütersloh. In 1962 they deployed Lightnings - anyone who never saw a "reheat-takeoff" performed by Lightnings as missing one of life's greatest spectacles!. When I was deployed in BAOR, there were Wessex HC2 s and Harriers deployed there. It must have annoyed the hell out of the Soviets during the runway resurfacing programme - the RAF rotated the Choppers and Harriers to the airfield under construction, using Gütersloh (the first in the programme) as the temporary home for the displaced squadrons . No airfield was therefore out of commission - a master stroke!
I was at Gutersloh between 1963 and 1966 during which time there were Hawker Hunter FR.10 serving with Nr. 2 & Nr. 4 Squadrons.  Each squadron was supported by a Mobile Field Photographic Unit (MFPU) who provided the photographs used for reconnaissance.  The Lightnings did not arrive until the latter part of my time there.

On a different note, there is a Hunter F6.A at the Luftwaffe Museum in Gatow with 4 Squadron markings.

I also attach two photographs taken in Berlin in 1969 which show what happens if you strayed near the wall too long.  The Americans got very jumpy and walking along the wall could end you up in between the two checkpoints, effectively in no mans land! (These can be found here)
John Morris
Airfield construction at RAF Gutersloh 1953/1954. More photographs can be found here
Photograph courtesy of Pat Honey ex Cpl 4109595 Plant Operator