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RAF Germany Winter Survival School
RAFGWSS was in operation from sometime in the 1950's. The Pathe clip here is dated in early 1957. More details will be most welcome.

The photo above was taken at the Echelsbacher Brücke which spans the river Ammer.
I served there in the winter of 1978/9. It was based at Bad Kohlgrub in Bavaria in the Hotel Gastehof Zur Poste. The school ran from November to March each year and was for winter survival training for aircrew. I was a J/T MT Tech on the staff there. The staff Consisted of a C/O, Adjutant, Medic, MT Tech, Storeman and Civilian interpreter. When I was there the C/O was a Sqn Ldr, the Adj was a Flt Lt, Corporal medic, myself and SAC Storeman. We operated 2 Long Wheelbase Land Rovers and a Land Rover ambulance. We were all accommodated in the hotel as were all course attendees, except when they were surviving out in the snow. We had ski instruction on each course as well as instruction in survival techniques. The HQ for this detachment was based at JHQ Rheindahlen and the equipment was provided by and stored at 431MU which was at RAF Bruggen. All staff were volunteers.

Steve Thorndale