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 RAF Geilenkirchen
RAF Geilenkirchen was a Royal Air Force station in Germany, built by the British who used the facility mainly as a base for RAF fighter squadrons from May 1953 until January 1968. To read further please click here.
View from the MQ in Geilenkirchen, Flat 1, Block 4, Lutticher Strasse.
The Brasier family lived here for 6 months before moving to Wildenrath.
Another view from Lutticher Strasse
How many MQ's had this sort of view from their window?
Photographs courtesy of David Brasier
The flats were loaned to the RAF from the German government. We had a Hausmeister (Housemaster), who was responsible for the upkeep and general wellbeing of the flats (painting frames and cutting grass etc).
David Brasier