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RAF Detmold
 The first Station Commander of RAF Detmold in 1945 was named Allen Denison, although I do not know what rank he was.

The RAF units based at Detmold all seem to have been RAF Regiment as against aircrew.

1945 - 2897 Squadron - Attached 2 ATAF, April 1944, became Rifle Squadron July 1944, moved to Europe August 1944, served in Detmold during 1945.

1945/46 - 2719 Squadron - Attached 2 ATAF April 1944, became Rifle Squadron July 1944, moved to Europe November 1944. Disbanded Detmold April 1946.

1945/46 - 2831 Squadron - Attached 2 ATAF August 1944, became Rifle Squadron September 1944, moved to Europe same month. Disbanded Detmold March 1946.

1949 - 652 AOP documented as being in RAF Detmold.
Paul Pearce-Smith
There was a small RAF presence in Hobart Barracks Detmold due to the elements of 652 and 659 AOP Squadrons with their specific Army Support role. They were equipped with Auster light aircraft and the early Skeeter helicopter. In 1958 the aircraft and personnel were transferred to Army command forming the nucleus of 1 Wing Army Air Corps. With the formation of 72 Aircraft Workshop REME in 1968 the RAF presence in Detmold ended. In later years 72 Aircraft Workshop was to become the largest of the Army 2nd Line Aircraft Repair and Maintenance facilities in Germany.