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RAF Buckeburg
Opened in 1946 to provide the airhead for passengers and urgent freight (including mail) for the three principal military Headquarters in the British Zone of Occupation (Navy- Minden, Army- Bad Oeynhausen and RAF- Bad Eilsen) together with HQ Control Commission Germany (British Element) in the Bad Salzuflen area.
It had an important role during the Berlin Airlift but its importance rapidly declined with the opening of Joint Headquarters (JHQ) Rheindahlen in 1954 and it closed shortly afterwards to be handed over to the newly created West German Luftwaffe. It was modernised and reopened as the Flying Training School and Centre of Excellence for military helicopters (the equivalent of Middle Wallop or RAF Shawbury) a role which continues to this day.
Does anyone have any memories of squadrons etc?
Posted to Buckeburg CMU (Command Modification Unit) in Dec 1955 after completing my trade training as an engine mechanic at RAF Wheeton, near Blackpool. I quickly settled in with the other 4 of us until the CMU became established. Some sort of German Military were in residence at the time. Some weeks later a new intake of Airmen started to arrive. I was sent on regular detachments and short visits to other RAF stations modifying or helping under-staffed squadrons servicing a variety of aircraft. At one time I was attached to to a US Squadron flying Super Sabres.; What an eye opener that was. The US Pilots (Commissioned Officers) would be on first name terms with the ground crew who would follow the name with 'Sir' i.e. "Hank, Sir"! At RAF Buckeburg it was "Yes Sir, No Sir, Three Bags Full Sir"! Anyone else who served with CMUs betrween 55 and 57 should get in touch.
Noel (Al) Ellesmere
SAC - 3521253
Engine Mechanic