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Prestatyn Barracks
Original name - Metzer Kaserne
Originally used by the Germans for horse drawn artillery units, along with Belfast Barracks (opposite) and Artillerie Kaserne (behind Woolwich Bks).
Home to:
7 Field Ambulance, RAMC ?-1960-?
The Main Gate to Prestatyn Barracks - 1959/1960.
Courtesy of Mr Ronald Taylor
In 1958-1961 I served in 7 Fld Amb RAMC in Prestatyn Barracks which is or was Prestatyn School (sic - Wellington School) oppostite Belfast Barracks the home of 33 Sqn RASC. A lot of the 2 ADFA lads have asked about the Barracks but there seems to be nothing about this place, yet it was the SS camp during the war and when I was there the swastics were still on the bars over the windows on the lower floor and on the gate posts. There was a bombed Hospital about a mile down the road on Sedan Straße which was the road out side of camp, is there any history of these places?
Brian Roberts

Looking out from above the block which housed the Guard Room - 1959-60. To the right of the flag pole can be seen a memorial to the fallen of the 1st and 2nd Lother Field Artillery Regiment who gave their lives at Metz in WWI.
Courtesy of Mr Ronald Taylor
The Royal Army Medical Corps flag displaying the colours of dull cherry, royal blue, and old gold - the gold depicting the royal in the title.
Courtesy of Mr Ronald Taylor
 The above picture was taken from adjacent to the flagpole and one can see the two entrances into the building. The second large window above the far entrance is probably where the photo was taken of the memorial, as in photo 2.
Courtesy of Mr Ronald Taylor
The picture above is from the far end looking down towards the entrance gate. The two vehicles are a Champ, nearest, and VW Beetle further down. The Beetle was used as the duty car. On the ground floor, the first two windows were to the Chief Clerk's office whilst the next two windows were to the CO's office. Above these offices, on the first floor, was the Sgts' Mess.

Courtesy of Mr Ronald Taylor
 Looking down on the Barrack Square; this was a hard-baked orangey clay type surface on which we often played football at the weekends. The ambulances, Austin K9, are parked up on the concrete transport area.The buildings on the left include the NAAFI followed by the cookhouse. The building at right angles to the cookhouse is the Gym.
Courtesy of Mr Ronald Taylor
Above shows the transport area. Behind the vehicles was the REME workshop. All vehicles had to be clean and lined up for Transport Officer's inspection. I believe the non ambulances were Bedford 3 Ton troop/stores carriers. 
Courtesy of Mr Ronald Taylor