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Portsmouth Barracks
Home to:
8 Artillery Support Regiment RCT 1968-1994
5 Field Force Ordnance Company RAOC (1)
31 Ordnance Company RAOC
Closed 28 September 1994
(1) Retitled to 31 Ordnance Company RAOC.
These barracks were home to 8 Artillery Support Regiment RCT, which had been formed in 1964 at Nelson Barracks, Münster. Originally titiled 8 Transport Column (Advanced Weapons Support), Royal Army Service Corps (RASC),  its role was to support 570th US Army Artillery Group and was responsible for the transport and safe custody of tactical nuclear warheads. It even had a dedicated Mechanised Infantry Battalion to protect it (stationed at Oxford Barracks). During 1965 the unit was retitled to 8 Artillery Support Regiment on the formation of the RCT. This year also saw 604 Signals Troop being affiliated to the Regiment.In 1968, due to the requirment for more space, 8 Regt moved to its new home of Portsmouth Barracks, Münster.
By 1981 the Regiment incorporated 10 platoons of Pioneers and RCT soldiers in the infantry role, replacing the Mechanised Infantry Battalion.
The Regiments unique task of Special Weapons movement came to an end on 15 March 1988. It was marked by a Regimental Parade which not only commemorated the re-roling of the Regiment from its Special Weapons task, but also marked the disbandment of 604 Signals Troop and the removal of the RPC Close Support Platoons.
From 1988 the Regiments role became that of providing conventional artillery ammunition transport support. On 1st Feb 1989, 12 Squadron RCT became the fourth Squadron in the Regimental ORBAT, 5 Squadron continued to provide support to 570th US Army Artillery Group until 1992, in the meantime 27 Squadron RCT was disbanded.
With the advent of 'Options for Change' the Regiment moved to Marne Barracks in Catterick, North Yorkshire in 1994 to take up its new role in support of the 3 Multi-Launch Rocket System (MLRS) equipped Royal Artillery regiments of 1 (UK) Artillery Brigade.  This saw the closure of Portsmouth Barracks on 28 September 1994.
On 1 April 1998 as part of the Commander-in-Chiefs review of the LAND Command Logistic ORBATS, the Regiment was once again re-titled to become 8 Transport Regiment RLC, 12 and 13 Squadron’s were similarly re-titled to become Transport Squadrons.
On 1 September 1998 12 Transport Squadron RLC departed to Gutersloh, Germany to come under command of 1 General Support Regiment RLC. On the same date the Regiment was joined by 3 Tank Transporter Squadron RLC following their re-deployment from Sennelager, Germany to Marne Barracks. With effect from 1 April 1999 the Regiment was placed under Command of 102 Logistics Brigade, thereby shifting the Regiments focus to 3rd Line Combat Service Support Operations.
Since 1999 the Regiment is now part of 102 Logistic Brigade providing a 3rd Line transport capability. The Strategic Defence Review will bring more changes with the formation of two new squadrons within the Regiment; 29 Transport Squadron and 64 Fuel Support Squadron.
Images of these barracks can be seen on the web page of 604 Signals Troop.