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Mercury Barracks
The barracks, situated at Rothenbach, on the Dutch/German Border, which was reknown for its cheap eggs, so I am told.
The camp was purpose built for  13th Signal Regiment (which up until 1 September 1959 had been known as  No.1 Wireless Regiment , along with many other titles), who were seen to be needing a permanant location West of the River Rhine. After being stationed  at Gluckstadt (near Hamburg) and also Nelson Barracks, Munster,  the decision to relocate the Regiment was taken in 1953, with its arrival at Mercury Barracks (planet Mercury being messenger of the gods, the figure of Mercury being centre peice on the Royal Signals cap badge) in May 1955. Remarkably, no operational cover was lost during transfer.
The Regiment and its sub-units carried out a vital Signals Intelligence role throughout the 'cold war' period
Unfortunately, 13th Signal Regiment was disbanded late in 1994. The camp is now a golf club.
(Note Tactical Electronic Warfare (EW) was later conducted by the newly formed 14 Signal Regt(EW) which formed in 1977, using many of the specialised tradesmen from 13 Signal Regiment(Radio)). Closed 31 March 1995.
Mercury Barracks as seen from the air. Mid 1990s.

 Main Gate for 13 Signal Regiment (EW) Royal Signals.
Above shows the Officers' Mess and bar complex.
 Above shows the disbandment celebrations of 1994.
 Above left the disbandment celebrations continue.                                  Above left is the camp swimming pool.
Det Commanders Course, 1993.