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Leicester Barracks
The barracks was originally named Marine Kaserne until liberated by 23 Hussars of 29 Armoured Brigade  (11th Armoured Division, 8th Corps). They were relieved in 1946 by a Scottish airborne regiment. The British handed over these barracks on 30 September 1948 to the Norwegian Army, but had a small office in place up until February 1954.
Original name - Marine Kaserne
Home to:
23 Hussars May 1945-1946
22 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA 1947-1948 (1)
2nd Regiment Sep 1948-?
 Air Defence Battery - Apr 1953
(1) Tasked with training recruits. It changed its role to LAA on 1 Dec 1947. In early 1948 the Regiment moved to Münster to maintain law and order.
(2) Belonging to the Norwegian Tysklands-Brigade, elements of the 2nd Regiment were rotated on a six monthly basis after the British handed over the barracks on 30 September 1948. The last of the Norwegian units left in April 1953.
The full military history of Husum can be found (in German) by clicking here. Page 12 has an aerial photograph and map of the airfield, and page 14 shows the entrance to Leicester Barracks under the Norwegians.