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Kitchener Barracks
40 Army Support Regt RE was in Willich. It was later redesignated to 21 Army Support in 1977/78. (1)
Closed 31 March 1992.
(1) Formed as 40 Advanced Engineer Stores Regiment in 1952, consisting of 80, 1254, 1255 Workshop Squadrons and 339 Plant Squadron. Research has found the Regiment to be in this location up to at least 1961.
I served with 5 Field Sqn RE, Paderborn 1961-62, plus 40 AESR Willich 1965-69. I have run a website for the units I served in for the past 18 months .
(See "Links" page, click on 11 Ind Fd Sqn RE)

Have 51 members for 5 fld sqn, 31 members for 40 AESR, 132 for Op Crown Thailand, and 215 for 11 Ind Fld Sqn. A lot of these lads also served in Germany.
Hank Lawrence 23534963


Hank has kindly given permission to use relevant photographs from his website, thank you Hank. These will be added as time allows.


Disbanded 21 Oct 77 and became independent as 21 Army Sp Sqn. The last CO was Lt Col RWM Eagle, the new OC, Maj CM Davies, arrived in Willich as Adjutant 40 Army Sp Regt in May/Jun 76. Then the unit consisted of
21 Army Sp Sqn
41 Army Sp Sqn - manned by TA/Reservists on mobilization
Engr Base Wksp
Engr Spares Park
Engr Plant Park
303 Engr Park
305 Engr Park - in Hamm
PLU? Civil Labour Unit

522 STRE - came under HQ BOAR not 40 Army Sp Regt

After 41 Sqn disbanded REME Wksp became independent. All other units in Kitchener Barracks except 522 STRE came under command of 21 Army Sp Sqn. Due to the large number of WOs the SSM was RSM Brian Cox the previous RSM 40 Army Sp Regt.

Information from Steve on the Forum (Corps of Royal Engineers thread)
Contributed by Jürgen Balke
More details to follow.