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Kingsway Barracks
Kingsway Barracks initially started life as a Luftwaffe Flak Kaserne, with it possibly being named, Wrangel Kaserne.
Situated just outside Rendsberg on an original main road running north,  It has been home to many units over the years as can be seen below. Further information on this camp would be kindly welcome.
70 + 71 MTLO RAF 1945 – 1946
23rd Field Ambulance 1947
15th Medium Regiment RA 1947 - 1948
3rd Medium Regiment RA 1947 – 1948
3rd King's Own Hussars Spring 1948 (1)
Norwegian Army (Tyskland Brigade) 1948 - 1949
? 1949 - 1954
 See here (German) or here (English translation)
Army Air Defense School (Heeresflugabwehrschule) 1956 - present.
Rudel Kaserne 1956 - 2000
Feldwebel Schmidt Kaserne 2000 - present.
(1) Leaving for Lübeck in the same year. 3 RTR may also have been in the area at the same time.


As can be seen from the air. Very impressive.

Men of a Norwegian Medical Company in Kingsway Barracks, Rendsburg