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Fallingbostel Various 
Fallingbostel Bahnhof. The above image was taken in the direction of the town centre and shows two Tigers that are about to be loaded onto an awaiting train. A Volkswagen Kübelwagen can be seen to the right with a Mercedes 170 staff car to the left of the image -1943/44.
(Right) Fallingbostel  1912, lookingtowards the churhc from the River Böhme, across from where the boat station now stands. 
(Left) Fallingbostel's Haus am Wald which is situated to this day on Soltauer straße.
The same scene as above. 1929. 
(Right) Fallingbostel's main church, 1911.
(Left) Hoff der Heidemark, 1966.
The river Böhme from a little down stream of the boat station, heading towards Soltau. 1926
Soltauer Straße heading out of Fallingbostel, 1943.
Aircraft zeroing range. This picture shows the rear of the range which can be found a little further on from the Fire Station. The Luftwaffe would ground test their cannons on this range. Another example of this range can be seen on the Napier Barracks page.