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Camp El Alamein
I have been doing a little bit of research about British Troops stationed in Lippstadt. I knew that besides Churchill Barracks there was a Bundeswehr Logistics Unit stationed there, what I didn't know until today was that there was also a Luftwaffe Airbase situated in the suburb of Lipperbruch.
It would seem that this Barracks was built on almost identical lines to Churchill Barracks and was badly damaged during the War. After the War, it was occupied from Apr 1946 until 1947 by the American Airforce, and then handed over to the Brits who were stationed there until 1949, during this period it was known as Camp El Alamein.
The top photograph on your Lippstadt page
(now this page), which I mistakenly thought was Churchill Bks, (I couldn't work out where the trees came from!) is in fact the Main Gate of 'Camp El Alamein'. The Bks has had a variety of uses since 1949 but is now an Old Folks Home'.